MTR2015: Official info

Mototourism rally is a team adventure game-trip where the participants travel on their motorbikes across Lithuania, visit its sights and get points for completing certain tasks the organizers provide. The tasks deal with Lithuanian nature, history, architecture and ethnographic heritage, they let both local and foreign participants get to know Lithuania better and have a great time. The team which scores the most point wins.

The participants can be Lithuanian or foreign citizens, must have a valid A category driving license and a technically taut legally registered motorcycle.

Besides that we invite family members, friends and all those who respects motorcycle tourism to join the rally at Finish place an Camping. They would support the tams, participate the contests, win prizes and have nice time.

Basic info

  • Organized from 2011
  • Mission – Unity of Lithuania 
  • Motto: Know Lithunaia with pasison
  • Renginio tikslas:  ride bikes, get know Lithuania, drive safe and responsibly
  • Audience: intellectual motorcycle travellers,  regional citizens, wide society
  • Date and location: August 22nd, all over Lithuania, start from home, finish in a very center of city of Birstonas resort
  • Expected number of participants: 300 riders, 100 teams


  • All riders take part, novice and experienced.
  • Riding takes place all over Lithuania. Riders (teams 2-5 motorcycles) start at 8am from thier homes.
  • At 8am riders will get task book and a map with places to visit. They will download it from official ( site.
  • As soon as teams get tasks, the rally is started, time goes.
  • Teams plan their route.
  • Time limit  – 9 hours (must finish before 5pm).
  • Finish and awards – Birstonas resort, the center, until 5pm.
  • Around 7pm riders (the ones that prefer) move to camping within 2 km.



2015 08 22

  • 08:00 Start (from any location in Lithuania)
  • 15:00 Camping opening
  • 17:00 Finish in the center of Birštonas resort
  • 18:00 Award ceremony in the center of Birštonas resort
  • 19:30 Participants go to the camping near Nemunas river
  • 20:00 Tourist soup, fireplace, chats, music and fun at camping

 2015 08 23

  • 09:00 Tourist breakfast
  • 12:00 Camping closing

Riders’ fee

The single fee is for whole team  – from 2 to 5 motorcycles passengers (from 2 to 10 people).

  • from 07-02 to 08-02 – 48 EUR whole team fee
  • from 08-03 to 08-16 – 68 EUR whole team fee
  • from 08-17 to 08-19 – 88 EUR whole team fee
  • 08-20 registration is stopped.

Registration and payment

Dear riders.

We have reached our team number limit, so the registration has been stopped.

Thanks for registering, see You!


Night stay and camping

Participants are welcome to stay overnight at camping site or reserve night stay anywhere in Birstonas or near on their own.


  • Camping opens on 2015 08 22 15:00, closes on 2015 08 23 12:00
  • Camping is located within Birstonas
  • If you like to swim – a small lake is just 1,2 km from camp.
  • Tents only stay at camping
  • Camping infrastructure:
    • Big tent for meals
    • WC
    • Water sinks
    • Electricity

Other places to stay

  • You are welcome to stay on any other place around Birstonas. You will take care of this yourself.
  • We recommend to reserve night stay in advance.
  • Night stay locations in Birstonas and nearby: CLICK HERE!

Task Book



  • Registered: 93 teams, 398 riders
  • Started: 88 teams
  • Fuinished: 86 teams
  • Diqualified: 11 (10 for delay, 1 for not visiting mandatory object)
  • Penalized for delay: 20 teams
  • Penalized for avg. speed exceedance: 4 teams
  • Longest distance (w/o panalties): 583 km, 8D team
  • All teams distance: ~ 35.000 km (almost round the earth)
  • Most populated teams: Vilniaus Ratukai (10), Svyturys and Lygūs kelyje (9), Entuziastai, Žoliapjovės and Kupiškio Vikingai (8).
  • CHD objects
    • CHD objects winners (collected most CHD points): Restart Rokiškis (100), Motociklininkės (100), Vysta Laima Ryte (90).
    • More than one CHD object visited: 4 teams (see above + Nuvarytus Arklius Nušauna)
    • 1st place:: Vysta Laima Ryte (975+90=1065), drove 477 km, visited 8 objektus (incl. 2 CHD), avg. speed 54 km/h
    • 2nd place: Restart Rokiškis (900+100=1000), drove 528 km, visited 8, incl. 2 CHD (7 valid), avg. speed 60 km/h
    • 3rd place: Angry & Sexy (900+50=950), drove 529 km, visited 9,  incl. 1 CHD (8 valid), avg. speed 60,5 km/h
  • Guests from abroad
    • Estonia – (Rakvere Raibe RC) – 475 pts
    • Belarus –  (Motomaniacs Int.) – 600 pts (incl. 50 for CHD object)
  • Runner up teams:  Du iš Vilniaus Vienas ne, Alpinistai and Motociklininkės, but they had penalties.

Results details here

Photos and video from previous Mototourism Rally 2014 event