BMW Mototourism Sprint 2016 Vilnius

Organizer (VšĮ “Motobaltija”) together with “BMW Motorcycles” (Krasta Auto) partner invites to 4th Mototourism Sprint on May 14th.


Mototourism Sprint Vlinius (MTS VLN) – is an adventure event, where riders ride around Vilnius, visit interesting historic, cultural heritage places and get points. Teams that collect most points win.

Date: 2016 05 14 
Start and finish location:
BMW Motorcycles dealership, Ozo str. 10A, Vilnius, “Krasta Auto”
Expected riders count: ~250 riders.
Mission: Style of travelling in Lithuania. Safely.
Organizer: VšĮ “Motobaltija”, since 2013.


  • General stuff
    • All riders take part, novice and experienced.
    • Will travel around Vilnius (up to 100 km).
    • It is team-based. Teams comprise 2-5 motorcycles (2-10 team members).
  • Goal
    • Visit interesting, cultural, historic places, that are provided by organizers. Sometimes answer questions, solve some tasks.
    • The organizers will provide the task books at start. The task book will contain all objects to visit and related questions or tasks.
    • Team plan their routes individually. It is not required to visit all objects, though there migh be some mandatory places to visit.
    • The whole trip should fit 4 hours.
  • Safety
    • All riders should strictly follow Traffic Regulations.
    • Riders and their motorcycles should have all necessary documents and licences that are necessary to drive legally together with them. Motorcycles should be in technical order.
    • Riders should wear all necessary motorcycle gear (at least helmet, gloves, shoes, knees and elbows should be protected)


10:00  the beginning
Teams approve registrations, chat, Lavazza coffee, discover BMW motorcycles
11:45  welcome message
Registration is over, the riders are called for a welcome message
12:00 start
Riders get task books and maps. Team plan their routes and the journey starts.
16:00 finish
On finish, riders check the finish time and pass their tasks books to organizers. While the results are being calculated, riders take a rest, share impressions, have coffee and chat.
17:00 awards
18:00 end

Dear partners





Major changes and new features

  • IMPORTANT: Major difference compared to MTS2015
    • Now team will heavily use smartphones with mobile internet. Team will send photos to in following cases:
      • photo of captain’s odometer before start (email subject must be EXACTLY like this: ‘<TEAM NUM> start’, e.g. ‘203 start’)
      • photo taken in every object, as it is required in task book (email subject must be EXACTLY like this: ‘<TEAM NUM> <OBJECT NUM>’, e.g. ‘203 17’). All object photos must be sent out before the results are delivered to referees.
      • photo of captain’s odometer after finish (email subject must be EXACTLY like this: ‘<TEAM NUM> finish’, e.g. ‘203 finish’)
    • Results will be calculated ISOLATED form participants. It means that participants will fill properly their Task Completion List before they deliver them to the referees. After that changes are not available.
    • Captain’s role is defined:
      • CAPTAIN leads the team, ensures safe and responsible riding according Traffic Regulations of the whole team, checks that all team members have all necessary and valid documents and run motorcycles in proper technical condition.
      • The team should follow captains safety instructions. If not, Captain must contact the organizers and team participation will be discontinued.

Starting fees

The fee is one for WHOLE team. Internet payment is the main option that will be available right after submitting the registration form. If you have troubles paying via internet, message us


Dear riders.

The registration of NEW teams is OVER (team limit has been reached and exceeded).

Please finalize Your teams until 2016 05 10 17:00.



1, 2, 3 places

  • 1 PLACE. Team Nr. 206 BIRUTE LT
  • 2 PLACE. Team Nr. 220 HONDACIKLAI

Detailed results

Detailed results


BMW Mototourism Sprint 2016 start

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BMW Mototourism Sprint 2016 finish

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