Task Register 2012 sample

Task Register 2012 sample  can be downloaded HERE!

Just to remind…

Tasks Register (TR) is a PDF format file, which the participants must download from www.mototourism-rally.lt website on August 25th, 2012 at 08:00 am. The participants must print it out and hand it over to a Jury representative at the finish. This document is considered additional material for score counting.

TR provides the list of objects to visit, including the description, photos, coordinates and address (if it exists) of each object, the score given for it and additional object visiting conditions, if there are any.

In TR you can also find:

    1. A map of Lithuania (PGF format), where all the objects for which you can score are indicated;
    2. Registration page, which the team must fill in before the start:
  • the team number (will be seen in the list of registered teams);
  • the team name;
  • the starting time;
  • the starting place (the name of the town or the village, in the latter case the region as well);
  • the readings of all team members‘ odometers;
  • names/surnames of the captain of the team, all team members and passangers